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To display the list of trusted members, use /get allowlist.
Simply tap on the call tab on Skype Lite, and start the group call with your friends on Skype Lite.
The list of Skype chat commands.Chat type: cloud /get allowlist Shows information about users who have access to the chat.Examples: /setupkey *Lib/FileTransfer/Disable 1 What are Skype chat commands?If you are the creator of the chat and want to prevent users from changing the topic, run the command: /set options topic_AND_PIC_locked_FOR_users Chat type: P2P, cloud /undoedit Cancels the latest edit of your message.What are the key user benefits of SMS Insights?Chat type: P2P, cloud /resynccontacts Synchronizes the list of contacts.How passionate real lesbian sex to create a P2P-chat?What can I do with Skype Lite?Also, it is worth reminding that some commands are not available in older versions of Skype.Displays notifications of new messages, if someone from the chat users writes a message containing the word text.Chat type: P2P /setpassword password hint Is analogous to two commands: /set password /set password_hint.Chat with your friends and family via Skype for free.

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Org is an unofficial blog of Skype where various materials about this application are published.
Chat type: P2P, cloud /wikimarkup onoff Enables (on) or disables (off) the formatting of text in the chat.Chat type: P2P, cloud speaker Speaker A regular user of the chat (can write messages and participate in calls).To create a P2P-chat, perform the function /createmoderatedchat, with the result that an Empty Group will be created, where youll be able to invite new members and use the old commands.Chat type: P2P /set guidelines text Sets the chat rules, which can be shown with the command /get guidelines.Never miss important information or date with SMS Insights.In his turn, each user, using the command /get role, can find out, what is his role.Nevertheless, cloud chat now also support moderating functions.

Chat type: P2P, cloud /whois username Displays information about a participant of the chat.
In this mode, users cannot change the avatar or the name of the conference.
Chat type: P2P, cloud /topic header Changes the topic of the chat.