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Sex room and female singing

I started working my way back up her back again, and I ask her she was okay with me massaging under her shirt a little, and she said it was fine.
I'm thinking, 'she wants a back massage at this time of night?' I know she really likes back massages, and I typically give her one almost every time she comes over, so it wasn't really anything weird.
This a story that is mostly made up, taken from a scenario that could have been amazing.
I take my pants off, as they were no longer necessary at this point, and I start to run my fingers along the rim of her pants.
She just sways her hips back and forth so my dick was against her ass, and moves her shirt up the rest of the way.Ryan and Lexi, our other friends there, were up next with Callie, so Aly and I had the table to ourselves.After 10 minted of sheer ecstasy, I was right on the verge of cumming.Sure, there are outliers (see: Cardi B s Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping anthem Bodak Yellow - in which she cockily references her stripper past but theres still progress to be made.She sent me another text soon after, and said "Thanks Vince for my great 21st!We didn't pay much attention to the others singing, because we were too occupied teasing strip nude cam each other about whose ass was nicer.iframe width"300" height"380" frameborder"0" Peaches F- the pain away, f- the pain away, Peaches announces on one of her best-known hits, but were still learning all about the teaches of Peaches as she continues to release plenty of sex-positive bops.I had completely forgotten how drunk we were, as everything started to spin for me too.I ask her again if she is enjoying it, and she doesn't reply.

We carried on like this for the until she cummed for her third time and when my load finally blew.
Thats how you know its a song for the ages.
Without warning, she arches her back again and pushes her ass against my dick.
She normally stops me right at the top of her hip line or jeans, but this time was different.
When we got back, we decided to figure out the sleeping situation for everyone.This time, I'm fingering her clit with my left hand, tongue in her pussy, online group chat room free and my right hand has started to play with her little asshole.We all decided that it was finally time for it to happen.I asked her about it, and she said that she didn't want it on because it made back massages less enjoyable.Lexi, being the only sober one at this point, drove us back.I straighten out the pillows on my bed and she lays down, and I start massaging her upper back.

I proceed to lay on my back, and I guide her hips over.