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The new law includes provisions barring people from wearing helmets and masks to rallies, and from setting up tents or sound equipment without prior police permission.
In December, despite weeks of protest by anti-government protesters, Yanukovych agreed to a deal with Russia's President Vladimir Putin for Moscow to buy Ukrainian debt and slash the price Kiev pays for its gas.
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Opposition politicians have objected to the way that Yanukovych's Party of Regions pushed the bill through the parliament, the Verkhovna Rada.
He drove us into town for dinner at a local restaurant, I can tell you that those plates of fish and chicken tasted like some of the best food we had ever eaten.
The protests have unfolded since November 21 when Yanukovych changed his stance on the EU trade pact, which had been years in the making.
Over logs, under vines, up and over hills, and down and around the bend we went.By this time we were ready for dinner and decided to head back to Quartier Louis for Chinese food.About half of the way there in terms of distance, you pick up some speed on a paved road.Thousands of demonstrators rally in defiance of new laws that set limitations on right to protest.The guides took us on a five hour trek to areas where trees are known to produce a red fruit that the animals love, but the fruit was out of season.The EU) calls on all actors to exercise restraint and on the authorities to fully respect and protect the peaceful demonstrators' right to assembly and speech, and the freedom of the press it said.If you strip the luxury from a Motel 6 and put it in Africa, youve got an idea.

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