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Php ajax chat room tutorial

Php session_start _session'usrname' strip_tags post'usrname _session'color' strip_tags post'color header Location: index.
The backend are the server side PHP helper scripts that call the class.
Create table chat ( id INT(9) NOT null auto_increment, usrname varchar(255) NOT null, color varchar(6) NOT null, chattext text NOT null, chattime timestamp free naked digital camera pics NOT null default current_timestamp, primary KEY (id) ) engine Myisam character SET utf8 collate utf8_unicode_ci; I have named the table " chat.The helper scripts handle the ajax requests and call the class.Php for else section between the curly brackets?Js - script src"http ajax m/ ajax script script script /body /html To optimize the load time, the stylesheets are included in the head section, and the JavaScript files in the footer, just before the closing body tag.This shows that this person keeps a chat window open and is displayed as online in the users live boobs sex section.

That is why we us a variable name lastTimeID in our JavaScript.
The name field is defined as unique, so that no users have duplicate nick names in the chatroom.
In our case we have just a user name.Using ajax we can update the chat lines faster without reloading the page.Remember the ID "view_ ajax we will need to use it in our JavaScript later.Quick LinksExplore popular categories 26,240, tutorials 1,147, courses 26,097, translations 2018 Envato Pty Ltd.The last_activity column holds a timestamp, which is updated every 15 seconds for every user.Php session_start require_once( "config.This is done according to their best practices guide and ensures that if the person has configured a Gravatar, it will be properly displayed.