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Developers use socket to communicate with a remote computer, as a matter of fact, they are using the TCP/IP protocol sets without necessarily knowing them.
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The Socket plays like an agency.(note: We cant say most networking programs use the TCP/IP protocol sets, but many.Code (Just flowchart) Connection; Server loop: Listening- Get request - Parse request- Form response- Send back; Client loop: Get response- Parse response- Send it to the appropriate controls to interact with the user.From here, Server and Client begin to differ in the following procedure: Take an example of connect oriented communication, things go like this: Server: Client: Socket socket bind listen accept connect read write write read we can see the on the client side, the "bind".Chat category: Programming network: euIRC irc2go: #coding-board 7 users Canale di programmazione generale Evitate di contattare in query gli utenti del canale Non incollate codice nel canale, usate m Ogni richiesta d'aiuto deve esporre direttamente il problema chat category: Programming network: Azzurra irc2go.Read More in Chat Programs ยป.Several things have to be attended when you are playing the "Chat room The server must be launched first, select the menu "connection/start server then goes the Client; As soon as the Client is launched, extreme porno bootcamp it's attempting to connect the server; Login with an user.Oder einfach nur zum Plaudern.Use version control.g.Each secession with the client, each single connection, is a thread.Quora and Slashdot, if you still have questions, but those questions aren't the best fit for the Stack Exchange model, you ought to consider quora.

They are all the worker threads attached to the server application.
Socket is like some point attached to both Client and Server side.
For the client, while it's attempting to connect the server, surely you don't wait for the time idle by, but in a single thread application, you'll find it's "dead" in responding your action.( By the way, the telnet program for Win98/NT is a bad example.
There would be conflict among the clients' connection if they don't have their own thread.Through the socket on the client, the server gets the request from the client and sends the responds to the client.Chat category: Fedora Summer Programming network: freenode irc2go: #fedora-summer-coding 2 users, coding, geeks Welcome!We aren't always online, so if you don't get a response send us an email.Socket is a data structure.

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