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Kingdom hearts roleplay chat

Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?
I'm just making them as the story progresses.
So don't look at this and be afraid to join because it looks like a noob roleplayer made.Sora's friend Riku also arrives at Castle Oblivion, but in the basement where he encounters other Organization members.First, how are we traveling in this, by Gummi ship or by Corridor of Darkness.Chari Member for 9 years Top 'kay as for transportation, you can use either the Gummi Ship, Corridors of Darkness, or Keyblade Glider.Kingdom, hearts, iI, the actions of Sora and Riku, along with Roxas' resignation, reduce the Organization to seven members, who seek to use the power.Members are numbered in the order in which they joined, with Xemnas, the Nobody of Xehanort, numbered one as their leader.If some one wants to split them half and half then that's okay with.Gameplay sponsored by: Loading 0 - Starting game.Story, decades have passed and a group of Nobodies are called together to reform a dangerous organization known as Organization xiii, three new free hidden pissing cam warriors of Light are chosen once more to stand against this threat to the balance of Light and Dark.However, most of the members' personalities are based phone sex live free from what memories they have of their original selves.

XI: XII: xiii: ( a little background on the original organization, i fell this is something you must know if you intend on becoming a member ).
Chat, see Which User, Is What Character.
As for where the characters are from, Misaka is from the Twilit Isles, which is basically Destiny Island mixed with Twilight Town.
In spite of our true efforts to make this happen, users were slowly fading away from reach, with some not even appearing to make edits to their characters anymore.
Neko-chan890 Member for 8 years Top Neko-chan890 wrote:after that I'm thinking Spira from Final Fantasy.NerdyKidNickerson Member for 8 years Top Yeah.These characters are currently marked as available.Best friend #1: Tam as played by FinalHope the one who will be chosen to aid Kojiro.Chari Member for 9 years Top Yes I was also wondering that as well.