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Firechat private chat room

Sets messages to messages of the room id for the tab.
Notification: _onNotification Live Demo Visit m to see a does sex in lucid dreams feel real live demo of Firechat.
We are compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Windows and more.
We have decoupled this chat lib from any reference to View specific libraries or render targets such as jQuery and the browser DOM.
Event types user-update user's metadata changes.If room is closed by the user Remove presence bit for the room and cancel on-disconnect removal.TabControls omList omListing erRoomList erSearch erMuting atInvites / Generic, non-chat-specific interactive elements.ToggleInputs(isEnabled) Toggle input fields if we want limit / unlimit input fields.Handle click of the create new room prompt-button.Js setUser(userId, userName, callback attempt to authenticate via.

Js Creates UI bindings for: UI events incoming data events Note: Also displays the chat component via _renderLayout UI events _bindUIEvents / Chat-specific custom interactions and functionality.
Actions that can be performed on any message in the list.
CreateRoom(roomName, roomType, callback) Create and automatically enter a new chat room.
SuspendUser(userId, timeLengthSeconds, cb) Suspend a user by putting the user into read-only mode for a period.You can set your own avatar, tell people what country your from, give your age and gender.The code of the orginal "massive/bloated".js files have been divided into logical units for a better undrstanding/overview.RenderInvitePrompt(event) Prompts user for accepting chat room invitation.Room-invite: _onChatInvite room-invite-response: _onChatInviteResponse Binds events related to admin or moderator notifications.Welcome to our free online chat rooms.FocusTab(roomId) Focus tab for selected room.RenderInviteUserPrompt Prompts to add people to group and also asks for and handles Twitter tweet permissions.script function initChat(authData) var chat new FirechatUI(chatRef, tUser(authData.