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Chat room meaning

0 0, a virtual environment that allows people to communicate instantaneously over the Internet; typically the communications are sent by typing messages that are relayed to all people in the chat room, but.
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Related topics: Computers chat roomchat room noun countable a place on the.Internet where you can behind bedroom doors sex scenes write messages to other people and receive messages back from them immediately, so that you can have a conversation while you are online, examples from the Corpus chat room Or you might even run to a chat room.Familiarity information: chat room used as a noun is very rare.Chat room (noun the noun, cHAT room has 1 sense:.Now it's on every chat room and on all of the talk-radio shows.0 0, a virtual room where a chat session takes place.0 0 is an aplikasi video chat buat android area on the Internet where individuals can communicate with one another in real time.Whereas Chats are usually between two users, chat rooms are often for larger groups.The Sun (2010)Chat rooms that people use to share investment tips and opinions anonymously are as old as the internet, but they also have a flaw.A user enters a chat room under a screen name and types a message that is displayed to the othe.0 0, the place where all the chitter chatter and gossip happens, not to mention chat competitions.

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0 0 (Internet) Part of a website where visitors can converse in typed messages.
0 0, a virtual meeting space on the Internet, an intranet, or other network, used for real-time text discussions.Chat rooms are separated by topic.(The text box you can write in and seemessages from the other roomies).If you are brand new, you can go to the beginning genealogy chat om Longman Business Dictionarychat roomchat room noun countable computing a place on the Internet where several people are able to send and read messages about particular subjects, a conversation about the case.Many chat rooms are monitored by moderators, who ensure that users behave.0 0, an interactive forum where users can talk in real-time.Technically, a chat room is really a channel, but the term room is used to promote the chat metaphor.