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Chat room css template

Play with this value until the bhoomika real sex videos text sits in the center.
Change the default guest user icon image.Free Chat Room Css Templates in [email protected] I miss two things, one is a scroll bar when chat overflows certain height, and the other one is a separator for show the date if it has changed.#login-guest span color: transparent!important; position: relative; #login-guest span:after content: 'Join Us!

You can add this code and make sure you change the hash code (in red).
Hide the Go To Facebook Profile button.
Remove the login type label from the user profile.
Hide the user icons in the chat area.Currently when message is big then it simply overflows a little outside chat pop-up box and is gards!Change the emojis Use the following code for each emoji, where the number 10 represents one of the emojis (from one to 30 and the URL represents the image you want to replace it with.smiley-10 width: 0!important; padding-right: 30px; background-image: url f height: 30px;.Change the user icon size in the user list.user-image width: 16px; height: 16px;.(function var hash your_hash, handle; handle setInterval( function if (!mbleTalkChat!mbleTalkChathash!inDiv ) return; clearInterval(handle if (hash your_hash) throw new Error(Someone forgot to replace the place holder your_hash with your chats hash return; var img new Image c g; rsor pointer; yle.Works without web server!To remove the button, add the following: #options #opts display: none; To keep the button for chat moderators only, add the following:.moderator #options #opts display: list-item;.You can change this with any hex code.The problem of the scroll is already solved.

Hide the user icons in the user list.
(document).ready(function.mytext.on keyup function(e) if (yCode.which) 13) var text (this).val if (text!