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House of the Dead director Uwe Boll is thought by some to be the worst filmmaker alive today.
The cable network premiered the film on May 18, 1996.
Pre- Titanic, Kate got naked in Heavenly Creatures (1994) and Jude (1996).
Revelation, then, is the most surprising nude scene ever.Amy Smarts roommate was once Heroes blonde Ali Larter.Incendiary marks the fifth time Michelle has gone naked on screen.Be sure to pick up the full-screen DVD of The Break-Up for the best rear view of Jen.I worked my ass off for this body, she declared, and I enjoy it!Nobody saw it coming or how hot shed be in the buff!Barbarella (1968) In 1968 Jane Fonda was one of the biggest celebrities in the world.After baring her body in seven movies, Natasha noted: My comfort with nudity definitely plays an important part in getting me my roles." Hotel Chevalier (2007) Early on, Natalie famously proclaimed that she would never perform a nude scene.Jackies sopping rackie started the entire wet tshirt craze of the 1970s and 80s.John Vernon ( Animal Houses Dean Wormer) portrays the warden.
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Made on the cheap, Porkys blockbuster success ignited the 1980s teen-sex-comedy revolution, which also brought us Zapped!
Betsys Brazilian bikini area provides the most prominent baldbeaver shot in a mainstream movie to date.
After a brilliant nude career that also includes Out of Control (1984 Tomboy (1985 and Delta Heat (1992 Betsy mounted a clothed comeback in the Saw movies.
In addition to her milf role in the Spy Kids films, Carla remains best known as a TV actress, especially as the titular FBI lesbian chat meet sex porn agent on Karen Sisco.10 (1979) The concept of rating attractiveness on a scale of one to ten surely existed in the past, but this movie made it a routine practice, and Bo beautifully lived up to that titular figure.True Blood (2008) HBOs vampire saga True Blood has become the go-to show for up-and-comers daring to bare.Pre- Showgirls, Elizabeth starred as Jessie Spano on TVs Saved by the Bell.After Fast Times, Phoebe Cates never did a topless scene again.Even beyond Chlo√ęs blowhard moment, The Brown Bunny ignited controversy when Roger Ebert proclaimed it the worst film he had ever seen.He also created Blue Velvet (1986 Wild at Heart (1990 Lost Highway (1997 and TVs ultimate hotbed of hot babes Twin Peaks.I tried to back pedal, but I just shook his hand.Joyces most significant followup effort was having her head cut off on an episode.A.Splash (1984) Splash was a PG-rated Disney movie!